Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sarah and Bea's Photographic Adventures: No. 4

That's right - a new adventure!
As part of my folio for art, I photographed Bea at school in the gardens near the art rooms :) As usual, she brought a pretty dress and I did her up and we took a lot of photos - first on an analogue camera with colour film and then a few photos on a basic digital camera. Here's my favourite so far..

Hmm.. unedited and I'm thinking I may need to have a play around with light and colours..

Last Saturday, I took part in The 300 Project with the Salvo's :) It was pretty cool :) I looked after little kids and made cookies and I feel like I did something good! There was a night thing for it as well so there were performances - like by a guy from Melbourne called Ben Abraham :) He was great and you should definitely have a listen to his music.

My French girl from Lyon is coming next term! How exciting is that?!

Sar x


  1. Did he sing...."Baby, baby, baby ohhhhhh" ha ha ha ha

  2. hahaha why yes he did! i do wonder how you knew that :)