Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A little while later..

It's bizarre how long it's been since I've posted! This week has been incredibly busy - tests and things due in plus an oral.. I've barely had time to even think about posting! But, it's almost the end of the week now..

As you can imagine, I still have about a million ideas for art and I can't wait to begin! We've had a couple of sessions of life drawing and we have another one tomorrow morning! It can be such a challenge, I tell you what - but it's always so rewarding in the end, especially when you come out with a good piece of work! It shall be interesting :)

I also found this adorable video a while ago :) How cute is it?!

As for my art, I have a couple of new inspirations whom I had forgotten about for a little while there. They are both Australian artists - not to mention incredible! Do have a look at their works on their websites: 

Their styles are fairly similar, however, if you want to see an incredible artist - also Australian - whose works are quite whimsical almost, have a look at Courtney Brims' art - 

One of my latest drawings was of a girl from a magazine in an old newspaper - I think she's a model but, what with it being a far away-ish photo, I couldn't seem to get the face right..

Sorry about the terrible quality - that's what you get from a phone.. :)

¤ Sar  x

Sunday, February 14, 2010

To the market

This morning I went to the market and had a bit of a look around 
with a couple of girls from school - yes, including Bea :) And I 
found a gorgeous jacket for $20! How good is that?! It's cropped 
with buttons and a nice, dark purple colour. Plus, there was a
couple selling rolls of lace - and I mean big rolls with a lot of 
lace! $5 per roll? Yes please! As you can tell, we couldn't help
ourselves and decided to buy two rolls - one pink and one 
yellow :) What a bargain for pretty lace from the 50s! (Well, 
that's what they told us..)

I am still trying to comprehend the death of the incredible
Alexander McQueen :( He was an amazing designer - a 
revolutionary designer - with such an incredible eye for 
fashion. :(

On a lighter note, however, Ron Pope is amazing so do
watch - he's playing his song "A Drop in the Ocean" - 
probably his best song .. apart from"Seven English Girls" which I love!

¤ Sar x

P.S Guess what?! You'll never guess.. not. I have yet another idea for
art! Oh, it's going to be so vair pretty :) And I officially have the 
prettiest setting for my Sleeping Beauty. Plus a dress. Get excited.. :)

Monday, February 8, 2010


How is it that Melbourne weather can go from boiling hot to freezing cold and back to hot within a couple of weeks? This is the question. Bizarre, bizarre..! Today it was hot at school but, thank goodness, upon renovations in the art department, they have finally installed air conditioning in the rooms!
In the air con, I began planning out folio one and continued my plans for folio two a little more with better detail about backdrops etc :) I'm thinking gardens and lots of flowers :)

I also had another meeting about the school magazine today and so far so good :) I planned out some colours and things this morning in my book of ideas during my spare and may well begin to add the actual colours with my watercolours. How exciting!

Just a short one today but here's something pretty - as always :)

Gorgeous Paul & Joe campaign! I'm getting ideas.. :)

¤ Sar  x

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cherry blossoms and Disney films

There's a gorgeous site that I stumbled across on, what else, Polyvore that is absolutely gorgeous! It's called "The Cherry Blossom Girl" and it was made by a French girl called Alix, I believe.. She takes gorgeous photos and has a great sense of fashion - plus, the background of her site is so, so, so pretty! Please take a look - you will love it :)

The most bizarre thing happened last night: I had basketball with the girls and I got two goals. How did it happen?? I actually have no clue. I wasn't even paying much attention to what I was doing, wasn't focusing a lot, yet the ball went in. Twice. Confusing, indeed!

So, I'm thinking I should probably begin to plan my first folio for art a little more since my second folio is for next term.. which i didn't realise until a couple of days ago..? So it looks like I'll be trying to find lots of different pieces of clothing and what not to pull together in an outfit of mixed textures :) Shall be fun - off to the market next weekend for us :)

Just to give a bit of a hint as to what I'm thinking in terms of folio two.. here are a couple of snaps from the Disney films :)

¤ Sar  x

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The History of Revolutions

As you can tell, today I have spent most of the afternoon doing revs. It really is just about all I think about these days, or at least it's at the near top! I've been putting together my summary notes and have managed to get up to my seventh page - my, oh, my... But, at least I seem to be understanding it - or most of it at least.
So, I decided it was time for me to have a break.

I have so many ideas for the school magazine and I'm seeing the beginnings of it coming together in my head - the colours and some of the layout, anyway. I've had a couple of meetings this week and have another next week. How exciting?! I don't want to give too much away, but I'm liking it all, so far. I even read an article from a newspaper today and, whilst reading it, I had this sense of really, really wanting to somehow incorporate the author's style of writing into some of our own articles.
But, first things first: a colour pallet and fonts. :)

Marc Jacobs at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week '09 seems to clearly illustrate my idea of mixed textures in fashion - I love the hat, in particular.. and the top :)
I also love this dress and the shoes :)

Art.. exciting stuff :)

¤ Sar  x

Friday, February 5, 2010

folio one

This afternoon, I had a new idea for one of my folios for art. I have this idea of textures and patterns and lots of them, all mixed up within a gorgeous outfit worn by and photographed on Bea, of course! See, patterns can be so bizarre together - floral mixed with stripes - so, why not?! I'm thinking fashion and the human figure, what with this folio being based on the human figure. Mind you, this is a completely new idea that i came up with not too long ago.. But, I have a feeling it has potential! Plus, Bea has a box full of clothes and costumes that we can always get stuck into!

I also finished the "Mortal Instruments" series this afternoon! It's taken me a while to get through what with revs being such a dominant part of my routine and days this week! But, I plan on beginning a new novel - either "Brideshead Revisited" or "The Secret History".. :) Plus, I've been thinking about maybe a D.H Lawrence? I'm not sure.. Lit seems to have inspired me :)

Speaking of lit, we're doing an amazing play at the moment - "Pack of Lies". It's set in London during the Cold War, which I don't know a lot about, and it's about spies. The suspense is very tense - haha I didn't mean for that to rhyme.. But, anyway! It's a great play and the characters are brilliant!

Well, here's a portrait I did a while ago that I ended up painting - although, it didn't turn out all that well painted..
¤ Sar x

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Marie, Aurora, Snow White, Belle and Alice

What with my constant studying/reading about/writing about the French Revolution, it seems that all I'm thinking about these days is France, Marie Antoinette and French. I'm not complaining as such, but wow. Who would have thought that I would have no room to think of anything else! Apart from school work and the school magazine.. Unfortunately, I also, as you can tell, have had practically no time to divert my attention to my blog!

I remember seeing "Marie Antoinette" starring Kirsten Dunst a little while ago and now it seems that it's all finally making sense - why they didn't like her and what not... I was also incredibly disappointed when my history teacher told us that she never actually said "Let them eat cake"! I think we were all quite disappointed! Now, I really want to watch the film again - which we may in class, even though it's not exactly all that reliable what with the drama and cinematic effects that they used and what not.. But the costumes were gorgeous! So extravagant! Well, I suppose that's Marie Antoinette for you..

Aside from history, I'm really looking forward to taking some more photos of Bea and possible others in the style of fairytales! In particular, I can't wait to create "Beauty and the Beast"! All we need is a beast..
In a couple of weeks, hopefully we'll be off to the market to see if we can find a few cheap-ish buys to use :)
I've also got an idea for "Sleeping Beauty" involving flowers.. :) and Snow White is sure to be pretty amazing! - I hope!!! :)

Speaking of fairytales and photography, I found a couple of gorgeous, gorgeous photos (on Polyvore, of course - where else?!) based on Alice in Wonderland - not the Natalia Vodianova ones from Vogue, though I adore those!
Okay, well, one of them is based on Alice, the other, I'm not sure, but it's stunning - I love the contrast of the red hat!
¤ Sar  x

Monday, February 1, 2010

And I spose that means we're back to school..

Well, since thursday I am officially back at school - the reason why I haven't been able to do any posts! It's so bizarre to be almost at the top of the school and to be considered as a scary year level - I can't seem to fathom how the year 7's could possibly look at me and be scared! I could blend in with the year 7s, what with me being just about as small (haha). Okay, maybe not exactly but still, I probably could blend in a little.. :)

So, just an update on my art that I have planned for this term/semester so far .. :)
Bea and another friend of mine from school will be my models/'muses' if you like and my folio will be inspired by fairytales - particularly Disney movies and Annie Leibovitz's amazing photography! I have already decorated a double spread of my Art workbook with Annie Leibovitz's photos such as the photo I posted last time of Snow White, plus a couple of photos from the Vogue shoot of the Wizard of Oz featuring Keira Knightley and then the photos inspired by Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella :)
So, the idea is that the girls will let me dress them/make them up to look like fairytale princesses and hopefully we'll find a prince :)

The picture above is my very first watercolour I EVER did - and it turned out quite well, particularly for a first official painting! I think this first painting started a bit of a chain reactions within my art - fashion and Vogue seem to have become my main source of inspiration since then :) Plus, Natalia Vodianova looks gorgeous in this shoot!

¤ Sar  x

P.S The photo of Natalia Vodianova was originally in black and white :)