Monday, March 7, 2011

l'aventure à la plage

It seems that I have finally found a moment to share a few more photos from my last 'adventure' at the beach!
Although it seems like a nice, sunny day in these pictures, it was, in actual fact, incredibly windy - which was a bit worrying, considering the fact that we were taking photos... However, I'm happy with the way my photos have turned out :)
Here are a few of my favourites...


P.S I'm using that last one as a basis for a painting at the moment.. :)


  1. Oh golly, you're blog is swell!
    it's so colourful and sweet - like a little frosted cupcake!
    I feel rather inspired from the photos!
    Thanks for sharing!
    ex oh ex oh

  2. Thank you so much! I'm glad you feel inspired :)

  3. Aw what cute pictures! So summery!

  4. these are beautiful and have a lovely whimsical feel, can't wait to see the painting! x

  5. Beautiful blog! Very inspiring. Keep up the great work :)