Thursday, March 18, 2010

Abbey Lee, you are amazing

You know what show I used to absolutely love when I was little? Well, actually, I still love it... Full House! It just so happened to be on TV tonight and, of course, I couldn't help but watch it. I never realised how corny it is...
I'm currently in the middle of finishing up my last piece for my art folio, a watercolour, although, at the moment, it's a drawing. I'm using one of the gorgeous photos from the Russian Vogue shoot with Abbey Lee Kershaw - it doesn't exactly look like her, but I'm trying to get the idea at least.. Plus, she's wearing roses in her hair and it looks so lovely :)
Courtesy of

I love the colours in this shoot - such pretty pastels..
A couple of weeks ago I made a wonderful purchase - I bought a polaroid camera! It's a bit vintage and old - but it looks practically like new. I haven't used it as yet but I can not wait!

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