Saturday, March 6, 2010

I heart Regina

The highlight of my day yesterday was when, during my spare, I checked my phone to find that I had a text from my mum with an incredibly important piece of news: Regina Spektor is coming out in concert!!! As you can tell, this is very, very important! Regina Spektor is amazing - and that's an understatement! For anyone who has never listened to her music, you are truly missing out. She may come across as a little quirky or peculiar, but you have to embrace it! It's her quirkiness that makes her so great. Plus, her voice is unimaginably gorgeous.
Yep, I'm a bit excited!
Another highlight - but more of the other day - was when I came up with a little addition to some of my photography: fairy lights. Although I don't believe that we own any, they are sure to make the photos for art even prettier :) Too many ideas! I should probably restrain myself if I want any ideas for Year 12...
However, it's a bit hard when you come across a gorgeous shoot from Vogue Russia starring the beautiful Abbey Lee Kershaw - you must have a look at all the photos. They are simply amazing. :)
Courtesy of
I'm finally better now - being sick really is terrible :( About time! Now, to work at having no life this weekend.. oh, revs..

Sar x

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