Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sarah and Bea's Photographic Adventures: No. 2

Last sunday, the dear Bea came over and allowed me to, once again, make her up, do her hair and put her in a pretty dress - and then photograph her :) This time, her hair was straight and we used 3 different dresses - and it was in my back garden where we have a water feature and a cute chair-thing.
We have a couple of bridesmaid dresses from when my sisters were 10 and 12 - big, pink, lacy dresses with tulle underneath - and, of course, I couldn't help myself.. Even though it was a bit small - okay, that's an understatement - it still looked real pretty on!
I've left most of the photos as is, but, for a couple, I've made them a bit more antique-y - almost sepia?
I also had my first practice SAC for revs today - eeeepp scary.. but it was better than I expected :) which could be a bad thing..? I'm trying not to keep my hopes up about it!

Sar x

P.S I'm officially seeing Regina in concert on 30th April! :) :)


  1. Love the photos Sarah, especially the sepia one...looks great, really suits the picture. xxx

  2. :) Must get them printed for next week! My folio's due soon! :) xxxxx