Saturday, April 17, 2010

Painting form

This is my most recent painting of a photo from the last issue of Vogue Australia. I gave this painting to a friend of mine after she asked me to do a painting for her (and then another girl from school asked for a painting.. and then one of my sisters, too!). I'm very happy with it and it is now on her wall in her bedroom :) How exciting :)
Now I need to find another photo to paint for my next painting.. and the one for my sister.. and for art at school as well!

This term, I've decided to take inspiration from a couple of amazing fashion illustrators:
Kelly Smith - who I adore. She has such an incredible style using pencil and watercolours.
Bec Winnel is another amazing fashion illustrator. Her pieces are so dreamy :)
Last but not least, Sarah Hankinson who I recently discovered. Her style is quite like that of Kelly Smith's - using pencil, charcoal and inks in greys and then splashes of colour. Amazing.

Here's an amazing piece by Sarah Hankinson :)

Last wednesday I had my first SAC for Revolutions! Scary! I think it went okay-ish, though, so we shall see...

Sar x

P.S How could I forget to say this?! I'm going on the French Exchange! My girl will be here at the end of this term I think? And then I go over to Lyon - or somewhere near Lyon - for a few weeks and then to Paris for a week! :)

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