Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sarah and Bea's Photographic Adventures: No. 3

Last night, Bea came over and we watched Titanic, which was lovely. And intensely sad.
It got a bit late but, nevertheless, I did her makeup a bit and we went outside to take photos - I'd been looking forward to taking photos at night to see what happens when the flash goes off. The only bad thing is you can't tell what you're taking photos of until you've taken them.. which can be a bit amusing.
So, we had this idea to throw leaves. Which turned out amazing. We seem to have a lot of gorgeous autumn leaves out the front of my house, so, Bea sat in them and we started throwing them and.. you shall see the effect :)

I got Skype last night, as well! So I can speak to my friend who lives in Singapore! We spoke to her and it was a bit sad :( especially when we had to hang up..

Yesterday, I bought a few new things from American Apparel - my first American Apparel experience (haha). I bought a lovely checked, black and white high-waisted skirt, a green dress that crosses at the back and some socks and tights! I love frilly socks and long socks at the moment. So easy to obsess over, i tell you!

Lots of ideas of art. Shall keep you posted..

Sar  x

P.S Regina Spektor is soon!


  1. Regina......wooohooooo......I cant wait!!!!!!

  2. Regina is tonight...I know how excited you are are going to love her for sure and I look forward to listening to you play the piano and singing her girls are going to have soooo much

  3. She really was amazing :)