Saturday, April 3, 2010

she & him

I have a new obsession:
She & Him are such a gorgeous, quirky band! Zooey Deschanel - yep, the actress (500 Days of Summer) - sings! Which you may have heard before if you've seen 500 Days of Summer.. And she's got a great voice :) And apparently plays piano.. and writes all the songs for She & Him herself!
I bought their two albums today and love, love, love them both. A lot :) Yep, my newest obsession..

Aside from that, I got a cute pair of tights today :) I suppose tights and socks are another of my obsessions of the moment - I can not get enough of frilly socks and cute tights. I found a pair of Leona Edmiston tights today - they're a sheer pink with spots all over. Gorgeous!

Sar x

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