Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cherry blossoms and Disney films

There's a gorgeous site that I stumbled across on, what else, Polyvore that is absolutely gorgeous! It's called "The Cherry Blossom Girl" and it was made by a French girl called Alix, I believe.. She takes gorgeous photos and has a great sense of fashion - plus, the background of her site is so, so, so pretty! Please take a look - you will love it :)

The most bizarre thing happened last night: I had basketball with the girls and I got two goals. How did it happen?? I actually have no clue. I wasn't even paying much attention to what I was doing, wasn't focusing a lot, yet the ball went in. Twice. Confusing, indeed!

So, I'm thinking I should probably begin to plan my first folio for art a little more since my second folio is for next term.. which i didn't realise until a couple of days ago..? So it looks like I'll be trying to find lots of different pieces of clothing and what not to pull together in an outfit of mixed textures :) Shall be fun - off to the market next weekend for us :)

Just to give a bit of a hint as to what I'm thinking in terms of folio two.. here are a couple of snaps from the Disney films :)

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