Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A little while later..

It's bizarre how long it's been since I've posted! This week has been incredibly busy - tests and things due in plus an oral.. I've barely had time to even think about posting! But, it's almost the end of the week now..

As you can imagine, I still have about a million ideas for art and I can't wait to begin! We've had a couple of sessions of life drawing and we have another one tomorrow morning! It can be such a challenge, I tell you what - but it's always so rewarding in the end, especially when you come out with a good piece of work! It shall be interesting :)

I also found this adorable video a while ago :) How cute is it?!

As for my art, I have a couple of new inspirations whom I had forgotten about for a little while there. They are both Australian artists - not to mention incredible! Do have a look at their works on their websites: 

Their styles are fairly similar, however, if you want to see an incredible artist - also Australian - whose works are quite whimsical almost, have a look at Courtney Brims' art - 

One of my latest drawings was of a girl from a magazine in an old newspaper - I think she's a model but, what with it being a far away-ish photo, I couldn't seem to get the face right..

Sorry about the terrible quality - that's what you get from a phone.. :)

¤ Sar  x

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