Thursday, February 4, 2010

Marie, Aurora, Snow White, Belle and Alice

What with my constant studying/reading about/writing about the French Revolution, it seems that all I'm thinking about these days is France, Marie Antoinette and French. I'm not complaining as such, but wow. Who would have thought that I would have no room to think of anything else! Apart from school work and the school magazine.. Unfortunately, I also, as you can tell, have had practically no time to divert my attention to my blog!

I remember seeing "Marie Antoinette" starring Kirsten Dunst a little while ago and now it seems that it's all finally making sense - why they didn't like her and what not... I was also incredibly disappointed when my history teacher told us that she never actually said "Let them eat cake"! I think we were all quite disappointed! Now, I really want to watch the film again - which we may in class, even though it's not exactly all that reliable what with the drama and cinematic effects that they used and what not.. But the costumes were gorgeous! So extravagant! Well, I suppose that's Marie Antoinette for you..

Aside from history, I'm really looking forward to taking some more photos of Bea and possible others in the style of fairytales! In particular, I can't wait to create "Beauty and the Beast"! All we need is a beast..
In a couple of weeks, hopefully we'll be off to the market to see if we can find a few cheap-ish buys to use :)
I've also got an idea for "Sleeping Beauty" involving flowers.. :) and Snow White is sure to be pretty amazing! - I hope!!! :)

Speaking of fairytales and photography, I found a couple of gorgeous, gorgeous photos (on Polyvore, of course - where else?!) based on Alice in Wonderland - not the Natalia Vodianova ones from Vogue, though I adore those!
Okay, well, one of them is based on Alice, the other, I'm not sure, but it's stunning - I love the contrast of the red hat!
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