Monday, February 8, 2010


How is it that Melbourne weather can go from boiling hot to freezing cold and back to hot within a couple of weeks? This is the question. Bizarre, bizarre..! Today it was hot at school but, thank goodness, upon renovations in the art department, they have finally installed air conditioning in the rooms!
In the air con, I began planning out folio one and continued my plans for folio two a little more with better detail about backdrops etc :) I'm thinking gardens and lots of flowers :)

I also had another meeting about the school magazine today and so far so good :) I planned out some colours and things this morning in my book of ideas during my spare and may well begin to add the actual colours with my watercolours. How exciting!

Just a short one today but here's something pretty - as always :)

Gorgeous Paul & Joe campaign! I'm getting ideas.. :)

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