Friday, February 5, 2010

folio one

This afternoon, I had a new idea for one of my folios for art. I have this idea of textures and patterns and lots of them, all mixed up within a gorgeous outfit worn by and photographed on Bea, of course! See, patterns can be so bizarre together - floral mixed with stripes - so, why not?! I'm thinking fashion and the human figure, what with this folio being based on the human figure. Mind you, this is a completely new idea that i came up with not too long ago.. But, I have a feeling it has potential! Plus, Bea has a box full of clothes and costumes that we can always get stuck into!

I also finished the "Mortal Instruments" series this afternoon! It's taken me a while to get through what with revs being such a dominant part of my routine and days this week! But, I plan on beginning a new novel - either "Brideshead Revisited" or "The Secret History".. :) Plus, I've been thinking about maybe a D.H Lawrence? I'm not sure.. Lit seems to have inspired me :)

Speaking of lit, we're doing an amazing play at the moment - "Pack of Lies". It's set in London during the Cold War, which I don't know a lot about, and it's about spies. The suspense is very tense - haha I didn't mean for that to rhyme.. But, anyway! It's a great play and the characters are brilliant!

Well, here's a portrait I did a while ago that I ended up painting - although, it didn't turn out all that well painted..
¤ Sar x


  1. sarahhh i have read every single post
    i love it all
    its very sarah
    and thank you for all the mentions :)
    love youu

  2. and i cant change my name to bea which makes me want to cry

  3. awww :) thank you beaaaa
    no probs haha i thought you might like them :)
    ahahahaha aw

    must discuss new ideas! exciting x