Sunday, February 14, 2010

To the market

This morning I went to the market and had a bit of a look around 
with a couple of girls from school - yes, including Bea :) And I 
found a gorgeous jacket for $20! How good is that?! It's cropped 
with buttons and a nice, dark purple colour. Plus, there was a
couple selling rolls of lace - and I mean big rolls with a lot of 
lace! $5 per roll? Yes please! As you can tell, we couldn't help
ourselves and decided to buy two rolls - one pink and one 
yellow :) What a bargain for pretty lace from the 50s! (Well, 
that's what they told us..)

I am still trying to comprehend the death of the incredible
Alexander McQueen :( He was an amazing designer - a 
revolutionary designer - with such an incredible eye for 
fashion. :(

On a lighter note, however, Ron Pope is amazing so do
watch - he's playing his song "A Drop in the Ocean" - 
probably his best song .. apart from"Seven English Girls" which I love!

¤ Sar x

P.S Guess what?! You'll never guess.. not. I have yet another idea for
art! Oh, it's going to be so vair pretty :) And I officially have the 
prettiest setting for my Sleeping Beauty. Plus a dress. Get excited.. :)

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