Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another day at The Open

Another friend of mine from school let me know last night that she was wanting to go to the tennis today so, of course, sunburn and all, I decided to go with her :) And it was definitely worth it!
Juan Martin Del Potro was training on one of the courts that we just so happened to walk past which was really quite cool - he's so, incredibly tall! - and I got a few pictures and a 2 second (or so) video of him about to serve - although that was a mistake .. I didn't realise the camera was on video, clearly..
And Tommy Haas was playing on Margaret Court - which can be quite difficult to get into - but we lined up (it also turns out that my friend loves the guy he was playing - Tipsarevic) and we got in! So we got to watch a bit of the match which was also really quite cool!
As you can imagine, I was "slip, slop, slap"-ing to no end today what with it being a hot day and very sunny! Thankfully, I haven't managed to get even more burnt although I did get a bit of colour on my legs and feet - which is a funny look, I can tell you..

The two photos I have included, the first being a scan, hence the high quality, and the second being taken on my phone, hence the poor quality, are of the first watercolour I have ever completed at home with my own set of paints! I actually hated the original drawing, but it turned out a lot nicer painted! I will soon upload a few photos that I took whilst drawing and painting this piece in different stages..

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