Tuesday, January 26, 2010

'O' is for... "Oh, wow!"

I can barely contain myself from laughter.. I really do adore Ellen Degeneres - she really is just so, so funny. Her scheming - scheming? Never.. - and games and all the little things she gets people to do on her show make me laugh to no end.. and this video is one of these little "schemes".. Dennis Quaid appeared as a guest and she decided to get him to say whatever she liked to a delivery guy who was delivering food - of course, there were hidden cameras. Have a look at the video - it is hilarious!

Here's another I found .. :)

I also just found a great quote (yes.. on Polyvore..) from "Pirates of the Caribbean" said by Captain Jack Sparrow ...
"You can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest, it is the honest man you should not trust, for you never know when he would be dishonest."
I do love that movie..

Federer and Tsonga are both through to the next round! Yay! :)

I found a massive spoiler today in the series that I'm reading at the moment - but it's good! I'm so glad about it.. I was hoping it would happen but still.. I don't like spoilers in books that much!

Tonight I'm planning on watching some tennis and Glee with a friend of mine - and maybe making something delish for dessert :)

¤ Sar  x

P.S Yes, the title of this post is a Friends quote :) and Nadal lost tonight!! :(

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