Sunday, January 17, 2010

The market

This morning, I got up slightly earlier than usual - which isn't really all that early - to go to a local sunday market with a friend of mine. I haven't always been all that lucky when it comes to finding bargains and pretty pieces of clothing - my first and only buy was a brooch from a little, old lady - however, this morning we seemed to have some luck. Upon wandering through the stalls, my friend found a gorgeous, cropped, black blazer jacket - her very first buy at a market. We stopped at another stall where I found a dress - v-neck, blue with a floral pattern, above the knee with a tie and some elastic around the waist. 10 bucks! Bargain! I thought about it a bit whilst we wandered through the stalls and ended up going back to try it on over my clothing (really quite amusing) and buying it :) My first buy of clothing at a market! How exciting!
Whilst we looked through the rest of the stalls, I found some sheets of music that were yellowed and torn, sold for a dollar per sheet. By the time we got to the stall, the girl said I could have 5 sheets for a dollar! So... I bought them :) Of course, I didn't buy them for no purpose at all! Being deputy editor of the school magazine this year, I've been continually coming up with different ideas and inspiration for layout and design etc. - the old sheet music shall not go to waste! And, it turns out that it's from the opera, "Carmen"! :)
This afternoon, it was my sister's house warming, so my family and I were all in her new apartment celebrating over scones with jam and cream... only, my sister didn't seem to realise that the cream needed to be whipped... and all she had was a whisk! So, we sat with our scones coated with jam and asked eachother if we would like a "drip" of cream? :) Oh, Cate... the scones were good, though! Even though there weren't quite enough plates, knives, cups... :)
I have slowly worked through almost all of the photos I took of Bea! So, I will post some more - my favourites :)

Thanks again to Bea! You did an incredible job!

¤ Sarah  x

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