Saturday, January 23, 2010

Night in

Okay, so I'm really a bit obsessed with "City of Bones" at the moment.. It's been a while since I last woke up and sat in bed reading and for the past couple of days I have been! I used to think that I wasn't quite into fantasy novels but I'm starting to think that I kind of am..?
Today, I've spent the day mostly with my eldest sister :) We've been wandering around looking at a cute antique store with the most BEAUTIFUL, old grand piano (sigh.. so gorgeous), catching glimpses of celebrities (okay so, sort of.. we saw one celebrtity.. Charlie Pickering haha) and crying over an old Shirley Mclaine film, "Terms of Endearment"... my, oh, my.. it's almost as bad as "Beaches"!! Although, I wasn't quite howling as much as I would have been in that case.. but, still!
I also showed my sister a few bits of GLEE :D Which, to her surprise, she seemed to rather enjoy :) It is, after all, rather amazing :) We both seem to find the bit in the episode "Vitamin D" when they're all high on decongestant particularly hilarious.. And the bit when Puck sings "Sweet Caroline" adorable :) Even though I've never really liked that song.. :)
We've also been watching a bit of the tennis tonight! We missed Hewitt and Baghdatis, but we watched quite a bit of Haas and Tsonga! Good match! Although we missed the end.. But, it was so hard to pick a player to go for! I adore Tsonga - although, who doesn't?! - and have seen Haas play twice this week.. tough decision!
Here are a couple of photos from the open this week :) The first is of Del Potro when we saw him training and the second is of the match between Haas and Tipsarevic :)

Tipsarevic is the one closest to the camera and Haas is receiving at this point :)

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