Thursday, January 28, 2010

First day

I had my first lesson(ish) of VCE art today and I have so many ideas it's not funny! Watercolours will happen easily - I don't really have to plan my paintings - but with my photography I have a bunch of ideas - I'm thinking fairytales :) and, of course, this means that Bea will be modeling for me (once again) plus possible others! I can't wait to get stuck into it - and my new workbook!
I thought that, considering I still have some time at the moment, I should take advantage of it and do a post considering soon I probably won't be able to do quite as many posts..
So, an update of "The Mortal Instruments" Series: I am on the second book - and have almost finished. What with having found a spoiler from the third book (I think) the other day, I can't wait to get to that bit! But I can't seem to find the third book anywhere! How did this happen?!
So many ideas for art.. I think I'll be taking some inspiration from the legendary Annie Leibovitz - what a legend!

¤ Sar  x


  1. I am excited for you also and look forward to seeing the beautiful paintings that you will create...need another trip to Deans art!!

  2. aw :) i can't wait!
    YES i love deans art :) sigh xxx