Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sarah and Bea's Photographic Adventures

Yesterday, my friend, Bea, came over for a bit of a photo shoot, and with her, she brought a new dress that she had bought a day or two beforehand. I set up the makeup and additional accessories and then made her up and curled her hair with hot rollers.

We then walked to the park down the road...

...where I took several hundred photos of her under trees, hugging trees and so on. I was a bit anxious about using a digital camera as, with this particular digital camera, you don't have the option of fixing the focus, but, it turns out that using a digital camera wasn't as bad as I had thought.. :) I have been pleasantly surprised! :) I suppose the fact that I was able to take several hundred photos was a plus! Haha .. :)
So, this afternoon I uploaded the photos to my computer (yes, Bea, it does look like you stole my camera..) and have been busy lightening and darkening them and what not. I haven't changed them too much but have tried to bring out the colours and the warmth and give some a different feel to others. I won't upload too many of them as I haven't quite gone through them all but will give you a bit of an idea ...

Once I have been through them all, I'll upload some more :)
After yesterday, I'm pretty sure Bea and I have about a million ideas ready to be transformed into photographic magic :)
Thank you for being such an amazing model, Bea! (And for letting me post these photos...)

¤ Sar  x


  1. Very creative your use of foliage as a backdrop...also like the way you have created the natural elements and the overall pretty look that comes through with your friend...Bea!!
    Well done

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  3. Thank you, Susan! I'm glad you like them :) I've posted my favourites so I hope you like them, too! I'm really happy with the way they've turned out :) xx