Monday, January 18, 2010

at home in pjs

One of my favourite things to do is stay home all day in my pyjamas and do nothing at all except casual polyvore-ing and - at this time of the year - watching the tennis :) It is so unlike me to actually enjoy watching sport - or playing it, for that matter - but a couple of years ago I watched my first, full tennis match and actually enjoyed it. Since then, all year long I am bursting for the Australian Open! It is finally here and I began my day with Maria Sharapova and Maria Kirilenko.
So, today was a quiet day; I watched bits of the match and created a couple of sets on Polyvore - which I am slowly becoming more obsessed with - and went to yoga with my sister; first class for the year! It's always good to get back into it :)
Tonight, Nadal was playing and his matches are always good to watch :)
I'm a bit excited, though, because tomorrow, a friend and I are going to the tennis :) Hopefully we'll be able to see some of our favourite players! I will have to update you on how it all goes :)
On a different note, I thought I'd share a painting of mine with you that I did last year in the first semester of school. It's a watercolour and probably the best I've ever done - I hope you like it!

¤ Sar  x


  1. Ah..that sounds like a good idea Sarah.....And love your picture as wellxxxxxxxxxxSusan