Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oh, Bailey...

My sister and I had a lovely sleep in this morning (apart from the non-existent blinds in her bedroom meaning that the windows are covered with a sheet that doesn't exactly keep much sunlight out..) although, once again, I had to read some more of my book! I have ALMOST finished it! I have maybe ..20 pages to go? And, wow. Scandalous! Big twist at the end. I can tell you, I must have been sitting reading it over breakfast with quite a painful expression on my face - Cate kept looking at me and laughing :) I have the second book ready to read, so I'm all prepared!
So I had a good morning but later this afternoon I got home to find that cheeky, little Bailey (my Cavalier - remember? The little poser from my photos! haha) had run off and was nowhere to be found. You can only begin to imagine how I was feeling this afternoon! My brother and I looked for her for ages and we finally got a phone call - it turns out that Little Miss Cheeky had run off to the milk bar down the road! Thank goodness we found her!
I'm looking forward to watching Andy Roddick and Fernando Gonzalez tonight! It should be a good match! :)
Here are a few more photos of Bea from "Sarah and Bea's Photographic Adventures" :)

¤  Sar  x

P.S I finished the book.. and have already got the 2nd one out! haha
And I've been watching a bit of Andy and Fernando.. good match! Andy just hit 3 aces in a row! Wowee.. Have I ever mentioned that he's one of my favourite tennis players?.. Well, he is :)


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Sounds as though you have been on Sarah's excellent adventure!!Mmmmmthat is not good when pets go missing..glad you found Bailey.
    Looks to me you need to look at some of the works of Escher and also Piero Fornasetti..remember his eyes on his plates etc....he was obsessed with one eye open and the other shut or perhaps in a wink position. Haven't had much time watching tennis this weekend...lots happening...but it seems you are well up on all.Have a Great Australia Day Holidayxxx and Good luck at will dux them all I am sure of!
    Lots of Love

  2. Thank you! Yes, I had a look - the faces are very familiar..
    Aw, thank you :) Have a good Australia Day holiday too! x