Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back to school..

Wow, I have literally had no time to do a post today but I feel like I'm neglecting my blog.. However, now that I'll be back at school as of tomorrow(!) I know that I won't be able to do a post a day as I have been since I first made this blog.
Scary! Year 11.. I don't feel like I should be in Year 11 - so weird! I've got all my books and things ready to go in my bag so I'm all ready.. but it's still weird to be going back and to be doing VCE!

Well, last night a friend of mine came over and stayed the night so we watched a bunch of Glee! And during episodes we checked the tennis - of course :) I love, love, love Glee - I currently have the songs stuck in my head.. It's like the soundtracks are going through my head (haha).

It looks like I'll be able to do both painting and photography for art this year! Yay! I'm so glad because I have a LOT of ideas for both! (Yes, the photos involve Bea) Can't wait to start! Especially now that I've got a new workbook!

¤ Sar  x

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